Kentucky Fun Stall

We just opened up our second Ky for Ky location at The Summit at Fritz Farm. Big shout out to Eric Moore, Justin Mosteller and the rest of the Ky for Ky team for busting ass to make this new store kick-ass. Check it. 

IMG_6213 (1).JPG

The Summit

We're opening a new Ky for Ky retail store in the new Summit at Fritz Farm in Lexington. I went on WKYT to talk about it - wearing our Kentucky Fried Chicken bucket hat. They especially loved it when I started about our Cocaine Bear and Horse Humping socks. 

Horses Filming Horses

We (Cornett) let some horses film a few ads for VisitLEX. The campaign was one of AdWeek's 'Ads Of The Day' and an 'Editor's Pick' on AdAge's Creativity Online. It also go picked up by the Lexington Herald Leader and a ton of horsey pubs. Hit the links below to read all about it. 

"These New Tourism Ads for Lexington, Ky., Were Filmed by Horses" - AdWeek

"A Pair of Horses Shot This Local Tourism Campaign" - Creativity


Southern Rocks

In 2016, we (Kentucky for Kentucky) rolled out a new brand called ‘Southern Socks’ - and it’s doing great! In 2017, we’re rolling out another new brand called ‘Southern Rocks’ - state shaped silicone ice cube trays. We’ll be rolling out new states throughout 2017. Big thanks to Josh Crandall for helping us with the designs and big thanks to Austin Durham for the killer packaging. Website coming soon. 

Ice Ice Baby Jesus Nativity Scene

Every year I try to bring as many ideas to life as I possibly can. The weirder the better. It’s what I love to do. This post is about the one that got away. One idea I really wanted to make happen in 2016 - but didn't. The idea was pretty simple, we'd create an 'Ice Ice Baby Jesus Nativity Scene' at the Kentucky Fun Mall during one of our holiday events. The baby Jesus would be made of ice and one of the three wise men would be Vanilla Ice. I was close. So close. I had my friend Rachael make up this amazing flier (below) and I even had an ice sculpture lined up to create a baby Jesus along with a manger from a block of ice. In the end my co-workers at KyforKy weren't big fans of the idea and we axed it. Maybe next year. 

CreativeMornings Lexington

Lexington, Kentucky is now a CreativeMornings city! Last summer, Celeste Lewis and Jamie Rodgers approached a few of here at Cornett about creating a pitch video to bring CreativeMornings to Lex. We obliged, enlisted Ian Friley of Kong Production to help with the video (check it out below), CreativeMornings was impressed and Lexington now has a chapter. The first event goes down on Friday, January 20th at the 21C Hotel. My pal Drura Parrish of MakeTime will be the first speaker. Gonna be rad. If you are interested in attending, please create a profile here and be ready to snag your free ticket (only 175 available) at 11am on January 16th. Read more about it in the Herald Leader