Commercial Con

A while back I was joking around with some friends and came up with this idea for an event called 'Commercial Con.' Something similar to a Comic Con but it would feature all of the folks we see in commercials. You know, people like Flo from Progressive and Colonel Sanders from KFC. Everyone thought it was hilarious (and they were all really surprised it wasn't a thing). A few weeks later I was at a funeral and told someone else about the idea and they also thought it was freaking hilarious too.

 With that said, I decided to have a design intern at Cornett by the name of Jacob Fire Hawk McDaniel help bring Commercial Con 2019 to life in a website form. Why? To show the world how amazing this event could actually be. And to give Jacob something both fun and meaningful to do.

 Anyways, check it out at


Holiday Family Photos Shot By A Private Investigator

Happy Holidays, y'all! For our family's 2018 Holiday cards, we decided to opt out of our traditional run of the mill Shutterfly cards and try something a little different. Something a little less staged and a little more unexpected, real and also kind of creepy. Here's what we did...

1) We hired a private investigator (who wants to remain anonymous) to photograph our family unknowingly at home and out and about. Creepy, right? Right.

2) Once we got the photos back from the private investigator, we sent them off to a Walgreens to be printed.

3) We then stuffed the photographs into manila envelopes along with little "Happy Holidays" post-it notes.

4) In typical private investigator fashion, we stamped the manila envelopes with a small "Confidential" stamp. You know, to make it look like something you'd receive from a private investigator.

5) Finally, we spread some Holiday cheer by mailing them to all of our friends and family.

Photos below. Enjoy!

181007 hiler039.jpg
181007 hiler045.jpg
180930 soccer001.jpg
180930 soccer003.jpg
180930 soccer010.jpg
181007 hiler004.jpg
181007 hiler030.jpg
181007 hiler015.jpg

The top two photos of the photos were taken by Erick Moore.

YouPray App

Cornett made an app. It's called the YouPray app and it turns that uncomfortable question of "who's going to say the prayer?" at your next family dinner into a fun game of prayer roulette. Basically, we're gamifying dinner. We call it 'Blessification.' It was featured on AdAge, ADWEEK and Android Headlines. Pretty cool for an app that’s only feature is spinning prayer hands. Big shout out to the rad team at Cornett for bringing this to life.