Hipsterish Brands Reimagined As Their Corporate Counterparts

We’ve all seen the corporate logos reimagined as the hipster logos. We’ve all seen the hipster logo generator and the hipster logo guidelines. They are both awesome. How bout those NFL teams reimagined as hipster logos. Hilarious. 

We (Cornett) thought it would be fun to reimagine a bunch of hipster-ish brands as their evil corporate counterparts. We got together with several different members of our design team here at Cornett and we got to work on making a bunch of hipsterish brands look a little more corporate. The results are pretty damn funny. It was also a fun little agency side project. 

Notice Urban Outfitters? The logo is the same either way. Get it? They’re a corporate hipster brand, ha. 

Team Cornett Designers: Ace Hotel by Nick Child, Deus Motorcycles by Tim Jones, Vice by Jason Kaufman, Band Of Outsiders by Danielle Podeszek, Dollar Shave Club by Steve Broderson, Fab by Clay Gibson, Freeman’s Sporting Club by Nick Child, Brooklyn Brewery by Shannon Adams, Dogfish Head Beer by Shannon Adams, Intelligentsia Coffee by Bobby Oakley, Brooklyn Nets (we didn’t do this one), Sight Glass Coffee by Clay Gibson, St. Archers Beer by Shannon Adams, Urban Outfitters (we didn’t do this one), Warby Parker by Clay Gibson, Poler Stuff by Tim Jones, State Bicycles by Nick Child, Mast Brothers Chocolate by Tim Jones, Best Made by Tim Jones. Layout by Kris Ange.