'Scents Of The Commonwealth'

The mission of Kentucky for Kentucky is to engage and inform the world by promoting Kentucky people, places, and products. Recently we added "scents" to that mission statement. We're now in the business of promoting Kentucky's finest scents. That's right.

We collaborated with Kentuckian Kathy Werking to create a line of candles that capture some of Kentucky’s finest scents. Scents like fried chicken (invented in Kentucky), the Kentucky Derby (Mint Juleps), and Ale8One (official soft drink of Kentucky). We called our new line of Kentucky scented candles, 'Scents Of The Commonwealth'

You heard that right, we created a ‘Fried Chicken’ candle. Candles that smell like  mofo fried chicken. To make these ‘Fried Chicken’ candles, Kathy fries chicken in all-natural soy wax and adds an infusion of family secrets. How rad is that? Your home can now smell like fried chicken all of the time, without having to actually fry chicken.

Our first batch of ‘Scents Of The Commonwealth’ got hot like Jennifer Lawrence and sold out in under a minute. They’s also received a ton of press. The candles have been featured in the USA Today, Creativity, Digiday, Fast Company, TIME, Fox News, Fox Business, Daily Mail, Perez Hilton, Los Angeles Times, Huffington Post, TAXI, PSFK, Complex, and a ton of other news outlets from radio to television.

Not only were these fried chicken candles a fun and unique product for us, they also served as one hell of a tourism marketing campaign for Kentucky. A shit load of free media was earned for our great Commonwealth. Epic crush by the Kentucky for Kentucky team, Kathy Werking and Rachael Sinclair.

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