Ice Ice Baby Jesus Nativity Scene

Every year I try to bring as many ideas to life as I possibly can. The weirder the better. It’s what I love to do. This post is about the one that got away. One idea I really wanted to make happen in 2016 - but didn't. The idea was pretty simple, we'd create an 'Ice Ice Baby Jesus Nativity Scene' at the Kentucky Fun Mall during one of our holiday events. The baby Jesus would be made of ice and one of the three wise men would be Vanilla Ice. I was close. So close. I had my friend Rachael make up this amazing flier (below) and I even had an ice sculpture lined up to create a baby Jesus along with a manger from a block of ice. In the end my co-workers at KyforKy weren't big fans of the idea and we axed it. Maybe next year.