I love the Internet. Awhile back I started making these fake flyers and posting them on Reddit. Funny but really strange shit. It all started with this 'Human Centipede Meet Up'. That was a weird one but Reddit really seemed to like it. Then came the crowd favorite, 'The Rainbow Bus Club'. It hit the front page of Reddit twice, it was on Tosh.0, Buzzfeed, and a ton of other sites. Did I mention guys actually showed up to the Rainbow Bus Club meeting? After that came the 'Asian Impersonator For Hire'. The Internet loved that one - 750,000 views in 24 hours. It hit the front page of Reddit, College Humor picked it up, it was shared like crazy. I also made a 'White Guy Impersonator'. It did ok. Most recently I made this 'A Free Clinic On How To Masturbate'. It landed on the front page of Reddit and then got taken down. Too hot for the Internet. This fake flyer business has been fun. Collectively they've racked up millions of views but I'm moving on to something new, something even stranger. Check em out in all their glory below. 

Human Centipede Flyer.jpg
Rainbow Bus Club.jpg
Asian For Hire.jpg
White Guy Impersonator.jpg
Masturbation Clinic.jpg