We keep spending most our lives living in a gangsta paradise” - Coolio

Almost exactly one year ago today I became a true player. I threw my hands up in the air like I’s a true player. I did this by turning my boring little Instagram account into a gangstas paradise. In December of 2012 I began adding rap lyrics to my Instagram photos. Every single photo I’ve uploaded this past year has been accompanied by a rap lyric. I’ve taken the ‘insta’ out of Instagram and turned it into a ‘Gangstagram’. From Snoop Dogg to Kanye West, I’ve been documenting my life (and my kids) using epic rap lyrics. My taste in rap lyrics tends to lean towards the 1990's (Snoop, Wu-Tang, Dre, Too $hort, etc), but you'll find a good mix of quality rap lyrics from both the past and present. 

I began this project last December while on a fly fishing bro-down trip in Pennsylvania. Lots of photos of myself and my buddies holding huge steelhead we slayed on the fly. This December I find myself at home taking photos of a new son and daughter. Little twin gangstas birthed by my beautiful wife in November. Crazy what can happen in a years time. 

To assist me on this journey from gent to G, I’ve been using a number of different tools. I’ve used the Instagram for the social sharing. I’ve been using Rap Genius to discover many of the rap lyrics. I’ve been using both the Over app (made in Kentucky) and the Studio Design app to add text to my photos. Like Boyz 2 Men they’ve all worked together in perfect harmony. 

What’s next? I don’t know. I’m gonna stay committed to my rap lyrics for a bit longer. I’m gonna stay committed to living in a gangstas paradise. At some point I might transition from the rap lyrics to some death metal lyrics. Maybe Korean pop music. I can’t decide between North or South Korean. We’ll just have to see.

You can check out some of my most recent Gangstagrams from this past year below and you can check out my full year of gangsterous Instagrams by clicking here to visit my feed. I think there’s around 230 Instagrams all together. 

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